Komesaroff Large/Small Animal Anaesthetic Machine (LANA)

Komesaroff Large/Small Animal Anaesthetic Machine (LANA)

Interchangeable Out-of-Circuit set ups for both large and small animals with 180? rotation mechanism.


Code: LN-LANA-00

The LANA is a combined anaesthetic machine for large and small animals incorporating a clear carbon dioxide (CO2) soda lime canister with a 4.2 kg capacity, which can be filled and emptied in seconds. The LANA incorporates a 180 degree mechanism, wide bore hose-in-hose assembly with built in breathing valves.

All circuits supplied including a separate KAB CO2 Absorber to accommodate small animals.

  • Interchangeable for large/small animals.
    • Two absorber systems:
      (i) LANA? absorber for large animals.
      (ii) KAB? absorber for small animals.
  • KDK80? Flowmeter
    • Provides accurately metered oxygen flows between 0-8L/min and incorporates an Oxygen?Flush* (Bypass) control which operates at all settings to rapidly inflate the breathing bag when required.
    • *NOTE: When the Oxygen Bypass?is operated, the oxygen enters the circuit distal to the vaporizer.
  • Large Animal LANA? CO2 Absorber and Hose-in-Hose Breathing Circuit.
    • See-through chamber: capacity 4.2kg.
    • Rapid filling and emptying of absorbent through large bore opening in top.
    • Rotates through 180? for emptying absorbent. No lifting or dismantling required.
    • Delrin cover plate which can be unscrewed for cleaning.
    • 52mm and 82mm diameter LANA? ?Hose-in-Hose? Breathing Circuit. Large diameter manifold and hoses reduce resistance.
    • Endotracheal tube adapters in different sizes: 18, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40mm.
    • During pre-filling of breathing circuit, the patient end of the LANA? Hose-in-Hose assembly is fitted to the ?Blocker? on the inside of the base. After use this ?Blocker? conveniently stores the LANA? Hose-in-Hose.
    • Instantaneous removal and reconnection of hoses to drain condensation.
    • Leak proof assembly: Pressure tested to greater than 40cm H2O at 1L/min.
  • Small Animal KAB? Circular CO2 Absorber (Autoclavable).
  • LANA? Breathing Monitor.
  • Respiratory Pressure Gauge.
  • Powder coated white steel base.
  • Universal ?F? Breathing Circuit for?small animals c/w 2L breathing bag.
  • Trolley post: polished stainless steel, unique MDI swivel mechanism.
  • Trolley base: polished aluminium.
  • Trolley oxygen cylinder support.
  • Retaining rod
    • to prevent rotation and to unscrew the black lid of LANA? absorber

Not included: VOC Vaporizer & 30L breathing bag

  • Dimensions:?760mm (L) x 780mm (W) x 1050mm (H)
  • Weight:?approx. 24kg
  • Warranty: 24months