KDKTM Regulator Pin Indexed (Side Entry)

KDKTM Regulator Pin Indexed (Side Entry)

Used to reduce line pressure on oxygen cylinder. Fixed-flow rate.


Code: AR-7565-02

The KDK? Regulator is used to reduce the line pressure to 400kPa from oxygen cylinders. The Regulator has a self-cleaning, high pressure cartridge, which accurately maintains a reduced line pressure at varying oxygen cylinder pressures.

Also available upon request:

Code: AR-7576-10 ? ?KDK? Regulator Male Spigot /Bull Nose


  • Side Entry
  • Featuring a fixed flow rate of 8L/min
  • Delivers a precise and accurate usable low pressure of 400kPa.
  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • Self-cleaning High Pressure Cartridge
  • Orientations of Contents Gauge, Entry Position and Self Seal
  • Oxygen Pressure Gauge

Optional Extras:

Code: CY-7580-35 Oxygen cylinder key wheel & chain

  • Dimensions: 220mm (L) x 85mm (W) x 70mm (H)
  • Weight: 1.0Kg
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • 5 years servicing intervals (Depending on usage)
Spare Parts Available:
  • Code: ST-NDS/149 Bodok Seal (sealing washer)