Our Operations

Our Operations

Advancing research and development, quality assurance and supply chain solutions.

Advancing research and development, quality assurance and supply chain solutions.

Medical Developments International’s Melbourne, Victoria manufacturing capabilities provide strong support for growth within the Australian technical manufacturing sector.

Maintaining these capabilities locally brings immense value to the broader industry, our business and our customers.

By manufacturing our pain management products at our Springvale and Scoresby production facilities, we ensure the highest quality standards are met, maintain swift response to market demands, focus on cost optimisation, and drive a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Our on-site capabilities empower us to deliver a reliable, effective, and customer-centric solution that positively impacts the lives of individuals requiring pain management.

At MDI, we continue to leverage these capabilities to drive success and make a meaningful difference within the healthcare industry.

Research and Development

First established in 2012, MDI’s research and development (R&D) department has grown significantly in both size and capabilities to support its growing portfolio of both respiratory and pain management products.

Today, the group has expanded to become a solution focused team in the fields of both pharmaceutical chemistry and medical device design and development, critical for the success of delivering on novel combination devices required for safe and easy administration of its unique inhalation products.

Our R&D laboratories, located at our Scoresby headquarter, are equipped with the latest in both product design and device testing platforms to support our pain management products and our respiratory devices.

These include:

  • Wet chemistry area for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) product & process development
  • 3D printing and Design Prototyping capabilities
  • Analytical testing for In Progress Control (IPC) support (HPLC, GC, FTIR)
  • Breathing simulation platforms for Spacer and inhaler testing
  • Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) testing capabilities
  • Environmental Climate Chamber simulator

Our R&D laboratories are MDSAP and ISO 13485 certified and compliant to 21 “CFR 820.30”.

The group has also been pivotal in generating an extensive Patent portfolio, covering both API process and Device patented technology.